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About us

Australia Barns aim to allow farms to produce more food, and waste less water. We aim to allow farms to make more food by optimising the environment for plant growth. This will be achieved by using Arduino technology such as moisture sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, and light sensors. This will allow farmers to grow more produce because they will not be at the mercy of weather conditions. Farms also use significant amounts of water, which we aim to reduce. We will do this by using soil moisture sensors to ensure the right amount of water, and not putting and more into the ground.

Sensor Settings

Our product is a smart barn with sensors inside detecting soil moisture, temperature, light, and humidity, to best allow plant growth. For most plants, the ideal soil moisture level is between twenty and sixty percent, the ideal temperature would be 21 to 26 degrees celcius at day, and 18 to 21 at night. The ideal humidity would be between forty and sixty percent and the ideal light intensity would be about 40 000 lux for 16-18 hours a day. Though these settings are according to our research the best for most plants to grow in, it is not perfect for all plants and is very vague, so some plants with more specific environmental requirements may not grow as well. For these reasons we reccomend customization for specific plant types to grow with.


These are the default settings, but if a plant being grown requires different or more specific settings they can easily be changed by installing the program Arduino and unplugging the cord from the battery, and plugging it into a computer. Then users may copy the current code and paste this into their Arduino application to then make the appropriate changes. If at any point a mistake is made with recoding, copy the original code into the Arduino application and upload it to the board.

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