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Water Waste In Agriculture

Huge amounts of water are wasted by farms each year. It is estimated that farms use 70% of the water used by people each year. It is also estimated that farms waste 40% of all water they use. Estimates say that humans use 3.8 trillion cubic meters of water each year. In megalitres this is equivilent to 3 800 000 000 000/1000 = 3 800 000 000 (3.8 billion) megalitres of water. Farms use 70% of this, or 2,660,000,000 megalitres. As there are an estimated 570 million farms in the world, each farm uses an average of 4.666666666666667 megalitres each year. Forty percent of this is wasted, meaning that an average farm wastes 1.866666666666667 mega litres each year. We aim to solve this problem by allowing farmers to grow food inside of a barn with controlled watering, and a soil moisture detector to ensure there is always enough water, without putting more into the soil than is needed.

Sever Weather Conditions

Severe weather conditions have huge negative effects on farming. Sever weather conditions prevent farmers from being able to produce enough crops. When it is too hot, plants do not get enough water, so they die. When it is flooding, plants drown and die. When there is a drought, not enough rain falls on the plants, so they die. When there are storms or hurricanes, plants can be ripped out of the ground by strong winds. This causes there to be fewer plants which survive, forcing farmers to raise their prices. Supermarkets often do not meet this prices, because they have so many farmers from whom they can purchase food from, which forces farmers to lower their prices. These lowered prices are still higher than usual, which forces average customers to spend more money as well. This causes many people to be affected by this weather, from the farmer to the customer. Our solution is to grow food inside of a sturdy barn. This will protect the plants from severe wind, storms, and some floods. In case of drought, farmers won't have to water every plant under the hot sun themselves, as our smart barns can do that for them.


World hunger is a significant problem. According to the UN, almost 700 million people are living in hunger. This is equivalent to almost ten percent of the global population. There are also more than a quarter of a billion people worldwide on the brink of starvation. World hunger was at one point declining, but has tragically started to rise again, leading to predictions that buy 2030, 840 million people will be affected by hunger. This lead to the UN declaring world hunger as their second sustainable development goal. Hunger effects everyone, from the elderly to children. Every ten seconds, a child dies from hunger. Almost half of all deaths of children younger than five are caused by their bodies lacking basic nutrients. Our product will help solve this problem by increasing food production. By creating an easy to use barn to grow food in, people in developing countries can produce their food more easily, and people in developed countries will have a surplus of food, meaning they will be able to give more of it to people in developing countries.

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